Give back me the right to survive

A dramatic poem ‘Nature’s Revenge’  the Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath tagore say’s
“Goes exhaled the water of thirst
Tortured in agony, finally took path
One day – one day must avenge on it
That day onward entering the den
Attempted massacre hiding in dusk
Now I succeed in the attempt I made”
Researchers think that ” living nature” does not mean just trees or forests. We humans are also part of this matter or its extension. Ever you is dependent on each other. Let’s help each other to survive. As an example olenben cites the famous Yellowstone National park in the United States . It was once a pure forest. Ever since man began to dominate the forest , nature has been losing its balance.
Only the restoration of balance of nature to save the planet earth from extinction can raise hopes for new human world.  The moon, the sun, the planet,  the stars , the water,  the soil, all visible and invisible flora and fauna are all parts of nature. In a word, the whole creation of the creator of the world is nature to us in the overall sense. As human race is one of the best creations of the creator , there is no doubt that nature too has been raising man as its best child.
We have already experienced in our lifetime that most of the flora and fauna are considered as blessings for human beings. We have also received the invisible mineral resources of natural resources as blessing for human welfare.  And plants, light, air and water which are considered as unique resources of nature are directly related to human existence.  It is not possible for human beings to survive without any of these.
I do not deny that many times people had to fight with nature for self-defense, but that war was also for learning human self-defense techniques.  But man has become so obsessed to the excellence of science that it is nature that has suffered the most harmful consequences.
In a word, this house arrest of human beings and all the others of nature are free as an inevitable consequence of the loss of the balance of nature due to human oppression.  The bestowed nature of the great creator is the charm of human protection.  Nature is the controller of human survival.  Just as human beings cannot be imagined of their existence without light, air, water and food. Just as the solution for the health of nature is to get rid of pollution or damage,  a balanced and healthy natural environment can fulfill the dream of man to live anew. Covid-19 has protected nature from human damage by keeping people under house arrest.  At the same time , nature is quickly regaining the desired balance.
Already other fauna is enjoying complete freedom, protecting their existence from extinction,  the number is increasing by spreading independent dynasties.
Water, which is essential for human life, including animal and plant life is being freed from industrial waste pollution.  The air is getting back to its original level by getting rid of the polluted fumes of the factory and is also getting clean. The earthen hills are becoming free from enemies and are becoming of the reservoirs of nature. Climate purification is getting ready for human liberation again. In a word, nature has brought all the arrangements to regain its balance very quickly,  but only if all these elements of nature are normal, beautiful and effective,  then only nature can save its best children.
Apparently,  there was no better option for nature than to keep people under temporary house arrest. Nature’s recaptured life force may once again secure its loved ones for thousands of years. One can only imagine that man who has done all these damage to nature,  is desperate for the emancipation of man as if the child were rebellious ,  evil, inhuman or ungrateful.  We have seen such feeling in human society only in mothers. In fact, nature is the best mother of the human race.
There is a lot to argue, it is very natural that there will be different opinions in the argument.  Because the extreme excellence of science has blinded many of us. Made us knowledge sinners and at the same time the multifaceted higher use of energy for the benefit of science has made people more power hungry,  arrogant,  selfish and ungrateful.  We have traditionally forgotten the ultimate excellence or success of science which is rooted in all these elements of nature. I don’t know of any world renowned scientist who have denied this. But the world drivers like us as a tiny fresh water fishes don’t acknowledge gratitude rather we have waged war against nature as if nature is our greatest enemy.  But the only means of survival is this nature mother.
Ugly images of how powerful the world drivers are, how many occupiers are engaged in unequal competition to destroy all these life giving beings of nature,  and how far the ugly image of killing human beings has been displayed on this earth over and over again. Allegedly they are not human rather they are the vampire and the barbarians.
In the current corona pandemic situation,  everyone is angry at the behavior of the nature as a human being but there is nothing to do. People have to sacrifice small interest for the greater good.  There is no doubt that we have lost a number of lives, lost relatives and are living under uncertainty.
Science and other storytelling has not been created any impact in the last 3 months as not even be happened so. The beating of the masters is in the last night. Because storytellers and scientists weren’t familiar with it before, it is not possible to resist all the speculations that exist with them, even though health science has come a long way, but so far in vain. It is true that the solution will be in the hands of science.
Mantras and sorcerer including rumors could not resist it, if so they would run away from the field with their tails folded, although some people in the beginning tried to lie loudly.
Not being protected for the time being, at least not until nature gives the antidote as a gift.
In the end, I will say that nature has kept people under house arrest as harmful,  but it has not abandoned love because there is no better option till now. As a result,  there is no possibility of recurrence of further loss. So all the resources of nature including flora and fauna are rapidly returning to balance and this is where we see light of hope for a new survival as human beings . Hopefully,  within tentative expected minimum time,  nature will gradually weaken the corona virus with its regained energy, and the researchers will be able to find a quick cure from any of the freshly recovered natural ingredients.
And from this education,  in order to survive as a human being for the future , we must save the nature, people will be initiated in the mantra” Everyone is next Generation ” and will start practicing good intellect.  People will build a new human world with gratitude and love for nature. Man will express the superiority of the creator.  Mankind will begin the human journey of the new world.

The Author is a Police Super, Columnist, Lyricist and Vocalist.

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